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Online Marketplace Consulting

Case Study Highlight: We were hired to replace numerous failed Amazon consultants. We successfully helped change from Amazon Fulfilled to Seller Fulfilled and performed basic optimizations. In doing so the customer achieved triple digit improvements in Year over Year (YoY) sales. Conversion Rates (CVR) were as high as 35% when the average is 10%.

We can do the same for you.

  check  Amplify Product Listings
  check  Maximize Marketplace Exposure
  check  Increase Customer Volume
  check  Improve Brand Reputation
  check  Reduce Returns & Refunds

An author once wrote that to stand out in a crowd you just need to be yourself.

Standing out in the crowd on marketplaces such as Amazon requires e-commerce finese and expertise. You are faced with thousands of competitors selling the same thing, many from overseas at a fraction of your retail price. The efforts made by offshore sellers are significant as they have access to cheap labor and government-subsidized budgets, and they maximize every online opportunity they can.

We will help you understand how to operate on Amazon, Walmart, and Google Shopping and how to incorporate with your established internal processes. We can help you evaluate if you have the capacity to fulfill the orders or have the marketplace fulfill for you. We have both the experience and the established relationships to establish your partnership with the various online marketplaces. We will make it simple by providing a well-researched online plan and dependable implementation of those recommendations.

The best decision is an informed decision, see our SEO results firsthand.

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