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Marketing Analytics and Measurement

Marketing Analytics and Measurement
The key to making great decisions is to have actionable intelligence - you'll be amazed at what you can track these days.

Like never before, the ability to gleam insight from advertising is far beyond the thin reports your old methods could ever muster. In the past you put money into advertising and hoped for the best. We will help you uncover and maximize data points that will allow you to focus your efforts on activities that produce results rooted in ROI.

Our marketing analytics and measurement services will help you in the following areas:

  ✓  Website Traffic Reports
  ✓  Detailed Keyword Conversions
  ✓  Monitor Cost Per Click
  ✓  Analytics Software Training
  ✓  Track Website Lead Conversions
  ✓  Track Ecommerce Sales
  ✓  Monitor Click Through Rate
  ✓  Monitor Cost of Sale Metrics
  ✓  Track Email Conversion Rate
  ✓  Custom Report Generation
  ✓  Media/Advertising Tracking
  ✓  Monitor Phone Lead Conversions

Reasons to work with us: For over two decades we have been immersed in technologies and techniques to create and track online opportunity across all industries. Partnering with us ensures you spend your advertising dollars wisely.