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Your website visitors deserve to have a pleasant website experience regardless of the device they are using.

Don't let your website visitors get away by too-long wait times or data that doesn't fit the screen. Extensive use of javascript, large graphics, third party scripts, and other resource hogging "under-the-hood" elements may look great on the surface to some of your website visitors, but for others it is an immediate deal-breaker.

Many industries are regulated by a specific set of codes and standards. The web also has such a regulation agency called the World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C. Standards determined by the W3C make sure that websites are viewable by a wide variety of platforms and web browser types. The search engine algorithms are looking for websites that adhere to these code standards and rank those websites favorably.

Internal errors in a website, while invisible to the end user, are visible to the search engines.

To maximize your search engine ranking, your website must look as good "under-the-hood" as it does on the surface.

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